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Are you a creative person that is struggling to find a framework that supports their goals?

Are you dealing with anxiety in making your desires come to life or just with day-to-day activities?

Would you like to get clear, focused and supported in creating the reality you want

and are you willing to commit your time and energy to it?

If so, there is an option to pre-sign up for the next POTENTIAL UNLOCKED COURSE! 

About the course:

I’m sharing movement, energy, and self-reflection exercises that I have been collecting and designing for the themes we are going to go through, that balance and ground me and propel me to achieve my commitments and embody the reality I want. I offer tools that help me to overcome anxiety, self-doubt and uncover the underlying beliefs and fears.

I am eager to share the greatest tools and information that I have gotten from my wonderful coach and teachers. I believe that moving with the body and moving with questions through the body is the best way to embody change!

Meeting in the group offers accountability and strengthens the processes we are in yet ultimately it’s about showing up for yourself; it’s about commitment, investing in you. It’s about self-love and respect.

  • On the first day we meet for an introduction, meeting each other, checking the outline and intentions of the course and participants.

  • Every day there will be a short morning and evening form to fill out to monitor your process, developments and what comes up on the way.

  • For 21 days - except Sundays, we’ll meet online in the morning for a live session of 45min/1hour when we are working on specific topics through different means: embodiment, movement, dance, writing, sharings, smaller group exercises, one-on-one coaching in front of the group.

  • Closing session, celebration on the 21st day


About me:

I’m a dancer, teacher and choreographer graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts with a background in Business management and non-formal education. I’m building on my experiences from dance education and different healing modalities I’ve been studying or taking part of: movement and somatic practices, psychology, therapy, coaching, Radical honesty, yoga, meditation, Shiatsu, Reflexology, BodyTalk.

The course was born out of my personal need to find a structure and take my commitments seriously, the journey to work through different layers of subconscious beliefs and move with more confidence in the world. I put my heart in creating the course, so that I can offer the support that helped me to become a better version of myself.

You don’t need to have any movement or dance experience, just the willingness to show up and commit to yourself.

If all this resonates, register by sending an email to: Ágnes Grélinger,, with the subject Potential Unlocked course.

Contact me if you have questions. We can book time to call and clarify what you need.

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