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Body Waves is a collaboration and continuous research, initiated by bassist Federico Corsini based on years long friendship and our devotion to improvisation and listening, blurring the lines between artistic roles as musician and dancer and childlike curiosity to what is possible when we let go of the assumptions of what our bodies and feedback can do.

Sounds and movements are bowing to each other, remembering, in the eternal hug, that they were the same thing. This act is going to play with slow and vivid gravity, touching momentum, movement on the spatial axes and manipulating the body of the partner. “   /F.Corsini/



Co-creators: Federico Corsini, Ágnes Grélinger 

Invited guests: Lara Ostan Vejrup, Kaja Draksler

In collaboration with: Klub Primi, Literaturhaus, Noisy Beehive/Huset, Mandagsklubben/5e, Idealistic Festival/Alice

Supported by: Slots og Kulturstyrelsen


Performed at:

Klub Primi ft. Lara Ostan and Kaja Draksler - November, 2021

Idealistic Festival/ALICE - October, 2021

Literaturhaus, a night with Jon Sensmeier - September, 2021

Klub Primi - November, 2020

Noisy Beehive/Huset, Mandagsklubben/5e - 2017-2019

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