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I see the world through the body. I believe in the moving body. I see the personal as a mirror of the collective.

I search for reconciling, subtlety and explosion, gentleness and pure force, pleasure and pain in effort and surrender. 

I search for clarity and I thrive to empower people. I want my soul to be able to move through my body. 

I’m an interdisciplinary artist. I work with dance, psychology, embodiment, somatic practices, energy work, photography and my research revolves around human existence and all it's colours. 

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Economics//Urban Development at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics I spent a couple of years working, one of which was a cultural manager assistant position at Workshop Foundation in Budapest, located in Trafó, House of Contemporary Arts, that has proven to be life changing. I started taking improvisation classes, applying to higher educations in dance without getting in, yet I kept insisting on dancing.

While working at an Embassy in Budapest I realised I still wanted to dance. At 28 I quit my PR job and moved to Denmark to study. From the preparatory school I got into The Danish National School of Performing Arts, where I graduated in 2019 as a dancer and choreographer. During my education I have worked as cleaner, Prezi designer, babysitter, waitress, food seller, barista, croquis model, bartender, barchef.

In the past years I’ve been developing my own work, performing for others and teaching internationally, which I’m deeply passionate about. I’m very curious to study different modalities that point towards working with the body, sustainability, healing and empowerment. I have studied Fertility Awareness, Shiatsu, Reflexology and I'm becoming a practitioner in BodyTalk, a consciousness based energy medicine. 

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