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2020 // BUDAPEST

MetaSurge is a choreographic research based on a somatic approach to composition. It indulges into the idea of a bigger body: a body of awareness, trajectory of attention within a group and a network of functions in the social body.

It strives to provide a framework within which dance may be celebrated as the secret, underlying knowledge binding bodies, fiction and time.

Finished with festive episodes of structured improvisation/concert performance; Exposé Grandieur!

Picture: Patrik Kelemen
Iniciators, choreographers: Patrik Kelemen, Eszter Gál, Tamás Bakó
Á. Grélinger Y. Arakelow, T. Bakó, J. Dömötör, E. Gál, , P. Kelemen, J. Koncz, D. Makkai, Z. Mózes, Z. Nagy, L. Raubinek, C. Sebők,

K. Szemessy, I. D. Szűcs, I. Vass

Very special thanks to: Zoltán Nagy, Csaba Molnár, Sín Culture Center Budapest, Workshop Foundation Budapest

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